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Zaid Philander of I Scream and Red

Zaid is a social activist, teacher and entrepreneur. He designs bags made from upcycled materials whilst empowering physically disabled residents from disadvantaged communities in Cape Town. We believe in giving them the opportunity to create: I Scream and Red products within their homes. This model enables people to cascade the learning thus empowering other members of their communities to start businesses of their own. He is a passionate social and environmental activist who teaches art and sewing to kids whilst running a successful eco-friendly social enterprise in townships across Cape Town. 

“As a young boy I was told that sewing is for the opposite sex and that I do not fit the profile. Yet, against all odds (my length, my strength and apparently my gender) I accomplished what I wanted; to sew. Today, I train people with disabilities to sew these planet friendly items as I can relate to how society puts limitations on you. My task is now not to prove them wrong, but to inspire others to do whatever they believe they want to achieve. For me, the choice began with a needle and thread.”

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