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Thoba Grenville-Grey

Thoba Grenville-Grey is a South African Social Entrepreneur focused on developing innovative solutions to service overlooked youth around the world. Raised in England and South Africa, he went on to obtain a B.A(Hons) in Philosophy, Politics and Economics from the University of Pennsylvania in the United States. While at Penn, he also attended the Chinese University of Hong Kong. In his professional career, he has worked for the Chief Economist of South Africa to develop new welfare policy for economically marginalized South Africans; the Boston Consulting Group as Management Consultant developing market entry strategies for Fortune 500 Companies and Co-founded the Clinton Global Initiative sponsored social enterprise Sweet Bites, which distributes cavity-fighting chewing gum to treat children in slums suffering from oral disease. The Bangalore, India based social enterprise Sweet Bites was a Hult Prize Global Finalist competing as 1 of the Top 6 out of an original 11,000 businesses and has previously been recognized as the “No. 1 Simple Idea to change the world” by the Huffingtonpost.

Currently, Thoba works for the SME Investment Company The Awethu Project which aims to use traditional Private Equity and Venture Capital to transform the SME sector of South Africa as a means of solving for youth unemployment and inequality. He also serves as Vice President of the University of Pennsylvania Alumni Club; Chairman of the Penn Interview Program for Sub-Saharan Africa and is a World Economic Forum Global Shaper. 

Founder Thoba Grenville-Grey tells us more about this amazing project. 

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