The Pitching Den


Caban Investments invites you to pitch your idea – established or not – to a panel of esteemed judges for a chance to win one of three prizes worth R275 000 to make your idea a reality – or to accelerate an existing idea. 

The panel will give you on the spot feedback as to how to improve on your business idea and pitch. Spectators will also have access to this invaluable insight, so make sure to pop in and have a listen. 

|| The Prizes ||

1. First prize is an investment of R150 000 worth of services based on the business needs. 
2. Second prize is an investment of R75 000 worth of services based on the business needs. 
3. Third prize is an investment of R50 000 worth of services based on the business needs. 

NB: Please read the below note.


The Caban model is unique in that entrepreneurs obtain services and mentorship from a pool of entrepreneurs of different disciplines, therefore increasing the ability of the entrepreneur to succeed. The services offered include accounting, mentoring, business planning, ensuring the company is fully compliant with the Companies Act, corporate identity development, web development, marketing, video production and assistance with sales of the final product. Caban undertakes to assist the entrepreneur from start up to a fully capitalised operational business at the end of the Caban Entrepreneurship Programme.

|| About Caban Investments ||

Caban (pronounced kah-baan) is a company born from authentic passion to enable entrepreneurs to succeed in business. Intrigued where the name Caban comes from? It encapsulates the company’s collective value system and the way the company does business. 

The Caban business model, recognised as the “2016 Innovator of the Year” by Brand SA and the UK South African Chamber of Commerce, offers the entire spectrum of service offerings. There is no ‘one size fits all’ approach at Caban. Every business is unique and requires the right platform for the right audience. 

Caban is a collaboration of like-minded entrepreneurs, each with substantial experience, expertise and know-how to focus on those areas where your business needs focus. They thrive on #CreatingOpportunities

NOTE: Companies entering the CEP through the standard model are required to pay back the investment spent on services once the company is profitable. For the risk Caban Investments acquires a share in the company. For this competition we are waiving the requirement to pay back the investment spend. All winners will enter a negotiation phase where a minority stake of the company will be acquired in return for the services. This will be done through a valuation of existing businesses and through the analysis of the forecasts and business opportunities for start-ups. 

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|| Terms and Conditions ||

1. Caban Investments reserves the right to not award one or more of the prizes should no suitable business opportunities be presented.
2. Should the legally appointed representative of the winning company(s) be deemed unfit to hold the position by the Companies Act of South Africa the winning company(s) will be disqualified.
3. The responsibility remains on the pitching company(s) and their representatives to secure any intellectual properties presented. Further it shall be assumed by the adjudication panel that, unless otherwise specified, the company pitching owns the intellectual properties presented. 
4. The prizes are not redeemable for cash.
5. You need to complete the official form to be considered. 
6. The judges’ decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into.