Mokgadi Mabela of Native Nosi

The Native Nosi is a 100% black owned company established and solely owned by Ms Mokgadi Mabela, a young black female beekeeper from a beekeeping family. 

I am the first of three girls. My father is a fulltime beekeeper / farmer. Our livelihood was sustained by money my father made from farming bees and selling honey as well as providing bee removal services to local businesses and homes in and around Polokwane. My father also inherited the skill from his own father who was also a crop, livestock and bee farmer.

Growing up I always accompanied my father to farms where he kept his hives and made his honey. I therefore learnt beekeeping informally by helping my father with some tasks in the field and casually asking him questions relating to beekeeping. There was never a time I considered beekeeping as a career until I started working and started thinking about a unique, innovative and sustainable way of contributing to the economic activities of our country. I knew my only answer was beekeeping, but I sat on the idea for 8 years because I was so intimidated by farming and entrepreneurship. It was only recently that I braved enough courage to start The Native Nosi. 

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