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Hymie Sokupha and Paul Maluleke

Hymie Sokupha and Paul Maluleke are behind the Alexandra Greening Route initiative. Alexandra has more than 10 sustainable gardens and with dedicated individuals who saw a need to create employment for them self. Other feed their families, supplier fruit and vegetable mini markets; they started soup kitchens and sell the products to the community members at the reasonable price. Now for the community of Greater Alexandra to realise the importance of own food growing or starting their own gardens, we have to start by recognising the impact that is made by the current garden projects. Recently, 2 Greater Alexandra garden projects have won the provincial garden competition, which they took 1st and 2nd place and to encourage them more, we have to embrace their efforts, create a working relationship between us as general community members, entrepreneurs, other industries like Hospitality and Tourism, Education and Training institutions, Governments departments (Agriculture, Social Service, Economic Development, Science and Technology) to sustain food security initiatives.