Claire Reid of Reel Gardening 

Claire is an innovative thinker and an entrepreneur at heart. She has an ability to look at processes and products and see a simpler, better method of getting the job done. This was the case when Claire encountered the process of vegetable gardening at the age of 16 and subsequently she invented and patented a new process for planting seed known today as Reel Gardening. 

Claire obtained her Masters in Architecture from the University of Pretoria in 2010 and she attributes her business management style to the creative thinking skills she learnt while becoming an Architect.

Claire founded Reel Gardening (PTY) ltd in 2009 with her partner Sean Blanckenberg. The company has sustainably grown since. Reel Gardening currently employs 10 people, servicing the development sector through its school growing program, the corporate sector through its custom branded marketing offerings and the Retail sector through its local and international retail sales. 

Claire is an Ambassador for the Richard Branson Centre for Entrepreneurship as well as a regular speaker on social entrepreneurship at both the Wits Business School and the Gordon Institute of Business Science.

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