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Ayanda Tetyana 

Growing up in a small town in the Eastern Cape called Umtata, Ayanda Tetyana always had entrepreneurial dreams. Her grandfather was a respected businessman and that grew her desires and ambitions. Ayanda studied at the University of Transkei by the entrepreneurial bug bit her and she moved to Johannesburg to search for opportunities.

Starting out in the wellness space Ayanda and some friends ran a company focusing on employee wellness in companies until she discovered Early Childhood development “  my interest in early childhood development came after I had my son, I remember so vividly the first day I held him I my arms and all I could think of was one day when I'm gone what would be the greatest lessons he would have learned from me andwhat  impact  would I have made in his life. I just saw so much potential in him and wanted to know how to help unleash that. If I must be honest my life only really started then, I can’t remember much anything else about my life.” – Ayanda Tetyana

Having discovered her passion for working with children and helping them realize their potential Ayanda studied Early Childhood Development at Montessori and that led to the birth of her company Tswelopele Kids.

Tswelopele Kids was formed as part of sharing her parenting journey with everyone from the challenges and the joys to the fears of parenting. The objective of the company is to make parents conscious of the direct impact they have in helping their children to reach their dreams. The challenging role that parents play in moldingtheir children for a world that needs thinkers and visionaries who will revolutionize industries. Ayanda believes this starts in the family and the day to day conversations that parents are having with their children.

Ayanda has gone through various entrepreneurial training programs to horn in on her passion and on what the company stands for . dating from as far back as 2007 where she attended the Succed Campaign to being chosen as one of the top entrepreneurs for The SAB Kickstart program in 2009 as well as attending a Foundation and Advanced Course in Entrepreneurship from The Branson Centre of Entrepreneurship Ayanda has put in the 10 000 hours.“Over the past five years I had an exciting opportunity to explore the ideas and fig out what brings the most joy to me in the work I do day to day with parents and children. I’ve burnt a lot of fingers I must confess, but I have also refined what our purpose and vision as a company is.” Ayanda Tetyana

Tswelopele Kids has evolved from focusing strictly on Early Childhood Development to looking at the coaching of Parents and teens. A 1st of its kind 24 hour day care center is almost complete and will be launched before the end of the year. Ayanda is also working on a book #Your Child Has Unlimited Potential – A parents guide to raising Gifted Kids, which will be launched in 2017.

She is speaker,upcoming author,  a media contributor  and a Mompreneur 

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